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How to handle a
Ransomware Attack

Ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly common and they target businesses of all sizes. Working with professional data recovery and cyber security experts is essential to guarantee the safest practices are used to decrypt data affected by ransomware.
Here are our recommended immediate steps when facing a ransomware attack:

  • 1. Do not turn off the computer;
  • 2. Document all relevant information about the ransomware;
  • 3. Preserve any cyber-evidence;
  • 4. Check for backups or shadow copies to restore data;
  • 5. Back up the encrypted data, and consider recreating data from scratch;
  • 6. Report the crime to the relevant authorities;
A quick call with one of our data recovery advisors can prevent a lot of headaches and increase the chances of restoring your data.

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How to Recover from a Ransomware Attack

Reduce downtime & reduce data loss


When your computer is infected with ransomware, it encrypts your files and demands that you pay a ransom to get them back. To help you recover your data, we need to figure out which ransomware infected your computer. We do this by analyzing the ransom note or an encrypted file. This helps us determine if there is a publicly known decryptor. This is done through our network of cybersecurity professionals, researchers, and partners.


In ransomware recovery, SalvageData's team assists with exploring backup restoration options by checking for data restoration possibilities, file versioning, and malware presence in backups. We also attempt to use publicly known decryptors, and, if not available we can reverse engineer the malware to exploit vulnerabilities and find private keys for decryption. Lastly, if no public decryptor is available, we explore cyber extortion negotiation tactics to potentially decrease ransom demands while assessing the likelihood of successful decryption.


Once the decryption process is successful, the team will transfer all decrypted files to sterile storage media, providing you with a clean and secure copy of your recovered data. We can also assist in removing ransomware malware from the original media, ensuring that your devices are clean and safe for reuse, even formatting if necessary. And finally, you can choose to request a cyber attack report and forensic investigation service. These comprehensive services aim to provide a seamless recovery experience, helping organizations return to normal operations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How much does Ransomware Recovery Services cost?

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Types of Ransomware

Identifying what ransomware has infected your system is the first step in ransomware recovery.

Cyber threats have been evolving every year, leading to a rise in various types of ransomware, each with unique characteristics and attack methods. Here’s a short list of known ransomware that are currently targeting organizations, these also include ransomware as a service (RaaS).


It’s not just giant corporations that are the main targets anymore, businesses of all sizes can find themselves victims of these attacks. Let SalvageData help you recover your data safely.


Businesses of all sizes can count on our experts to recover their data.


We have experience working with hundreds of educational institutions nationwide.


Our HIPAA-certified staff has worked with local pharmacies to major hospital systems.


Count on our GSA-certified advisors to help you get your data back from ransomware.


Our data recovery advisors are available 24/7 for our Emergency Recovery Options.

Comprehensive Ransomware Recovery Services

SalvageData offers an all-round complete range of services when it comes to ransomware recovery. From investigating how the attack was possible, to decrypting every last bit of data, count on SalvageData for a secure data recovery.

Media Ransomware Evaluation

  • Analysis of a single media to determine ransomware-type.
  • Extraction of ransomware note.
  • Research Ransom and determine if there is a publicly known decryptor through our network of cyber security professionals, researchers, and partners.
  • Summary Report of the above.

Decryption & Recovery

  • Exploring backup restoration options.
  • Use of publicly known decryptor if available (15% success).
  • Reverse engineering the malware (exploiting vulnerabilities in the malware code) (20% success).
  • Exploring encryption integrity for the possibility of paying the ransom. (60% success).
  • Transfer all decrypted files to sterile storage media.
  • Removal of ransomware malware.
  • Summary Report of Decryption.

R&D: No publicly known decryption

  • In-depth research of the encryption
  • If a new ecryptor can be created, create it and crack the encryption
  • Added to our notification list if public decryption is found or created by our staff
  • Transfer all decrypted files to a sterile hard drive
  • Removal of ransomware malware
  • Summary report of the decryption process

Third-Party Investigation

  • Cyber security analysis and report of how the malware was introduced, security issues exploited, and solutions to prevent such occurrence in the future.

Ransomware questions

Answered by experts

What is a ransomware attack? 2019-07-23T14:59:57-05:00

A ransomware is an advanced malware (a common computer virus or network worm) that attacks both enterprises’ and individuals’ computers by encrypting data, making it impossible to access until the assigned ransom amount is paid to the hacker.

What is ransomware data recovery? 2019-04-05T09:29:45-05:00

Our SalvageData experts will employ proprietary techniques, advanced tools, and state-of-the-art equipment to extract corrupted and deleted files, as well as to decrypt encrypted data by hackers. If decryption is not successful, we offer specialized negotiation services to help get the encryption key.

How much do ransomware data recovery services cost? 2019-04-05T09:29:45-05:00

There’s a whole range of services when it comes to decrypting data held in ransom. Each stage of ransomware recovery has a different price range, here’s what to expect:

  • Evaluation: $500, plus $1000 to expedite the service;
  • Decryption: $2500, these efforts range from exploring backup options, using known decryptiors and transferring restored files to a sterile storage media;
  • Research: $150/hr, these services are priced by the hour since they often require developing a decryption code from scratch;
  • Investigation: $2000, this is an add-on service where top security experts investigate the security breach that made the system vulnerable to attacks in the first place.

What do you do after a ransomware attack? 2019-07-23T15:22:48-05:00

First, disconnect your computer from the network and wifi as soon as an attack is suspected in order to prevent spreading the malware. Ideally, the best course of action is to eliminate the ransomware first and restore your systems with a non-infected backup. In order to eliminate any trace of malware, you can resort to antivirus softwares or simply reset your system to factory settings. Call a data recovery advisor as soon as possible.

What if it’s impossible to decrypt the data? 2019-07-19T14:02:11-05:00

Should the decryption of data be deemed impossible without the key, your data recovery advisor will offer a suit of services that include how to handle and negotiate the ransom situation. Even further, we offer services in securing the data and cleaning it before restoring it to your systems.

Is there a cancellation fee? 2019-07-23T15:02:41-05:00

A client may request to cancel the service project at any point before the ransomware recovery is accepted. If the customer has already approved service based on the quote provided by SalvageData and provided a credit card, a cancellation fee equal or greater of either $200 or 20% of the quoted service fee will apply.

Where are you located? 2019-04-04T14:14:55-05:00

SalvageData is located all across the country but our headquarters are in Cleveland, Ohio. To find out your nearest drop off location please click here.

How do I get my data back from you? 2019-04-04T14:14:55-05:00

Depending on the capacity of the recovered data, we will either send it on a brand new external media or via download. Data downloads are limited to 50 GB for economy service, 100 GB for expedited, and 500 GB for an emergency.

How do I know my data will be kept private? 2019-04-04T14:14:55-05:00

Our SSAE 16 SOC3 TYPE III certification is paired with a strict chain-of-command protocol for all data. This means your data is safe, secure and kept confidential. We are also a trusted data recovery provider for government agencies and healthcare facilities since we are also GSA and HIPAA compliant.

Will I receive a list of the files recovered? 2019-04-04T14:14:55-05:00

Yes. Before making a payment, you will be able to view and approve a list of the files we were able to recover.

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